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Wachendorff Automation in Germany

Encoder Wachendorff  the location in 65366 Geisenheim, Industriestr. 7 is home of the management, research & development, warehouse & logistics, production and all central services, such as human resources, accounting, controlling, marketing, etc.

Encoder Wachendorff sales force and technical support for Germany and Europe are also located here; the field sales force, on the other hand, is organized on a decentralized basis:

  • Direct sales in Germany is divided into 5 areas. Encoder Wachendorff  sales engineers are employed here.
  • Encoder Wachendorff  In Europe, Africa and Asia, our channel managers are the important link to our technical distributors:.
  • Encoder Wachendorff  In the USA/Chicago and China/Suzhou, Wachendorff sister companies act as sales offices, ensuring short distances to partners, customers and interested parties.