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Today the innovative company GEMÜ with more than 400.000 product variants and 12 subsidiaries has acquired a standing worldwide. GEMÜ develops further in the same manner in which the company has always adapted to the market requirements with trend-setting developments. Nonetheless, it will remain what it is: an "approachable" partner, owner-managed, using the best of the Hohenlohe region's small and medium-sized companies.


Yaskawa Electric Corporation of Japan. Since 1915, Yaskawa Electric has demonstrated a passion for automation by developing specialized solutions to help customers increase efficiency, improve quality, boost productivity, and deliver outstanding ROI. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of industrial robots, Yaskawa Electric has offices in 28 countries and approximately 14,000 employees worldwide.


IDEC Corporation manufactures and sells industrial components, control system equipment and FA system components, peripheral control components, explosion-proof control equipment, and other components. The company’s industrial components include control panel equipment, such as control switches and indicators, safety products, industrial LED products, and other devices, as well as other relays and sensors. Its control system equipment and FA system components comprise programmable controllers, and programmable operator interfaces and pendants. The company’s peripheral control components consist of switching power supplies, communication terminals, terminal blocks, sockets, and control boxes for machinery and equipment control.


Baldor Electric Company is a leading marketer, designer and manufacturer of energy-saving industrial electric motors, mechanical power transmission products, and adjustable speed drives. The company was founded on the premise that a better motor is one that uses less electricity, a belief that stands true today. 

Industrial motor products range from fractional to 100,000 horsepower and include AC, DC, gear, linear and servo motors from Baldor-Reliance® and ABB, and mechanical power transmission products include mounted bearings, enclosed gearing, and power transmission components from Baldor-Dodge® as well as bushings and sheaves from Baldor-Maska®.