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HUNG GIA PHAT TRADING ENGINEERING Co.,Ltd is a leading automation devices and components provider in Vietnam market.We are official authorized distributor for some of the Germany , Switzerland , Italy , French , USA , Japanese , Korea , Taiwan manufacturers on the providing the highest standdard of product to the automation industry as : fuse , inverter , sensor , auto valve , pneumatic , hydraulic , contronler , moter...

HGP Engineering Co.,Ltd always strives to provide timely parts and equipment that you need to help you maintain the equipment always works best, and no loss of downtime to ensure productive work of equipment.Our engineering team have been participant in the training programs conducted by the Maker.

HGP Engineering Co., Ltd is a company specializing in providing repair parts in the industry in general speaking. So, we always get authorizes and the trust of the component manufacturers in the distribution of products in Vietnam market with the best price and technical support services for customers.