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Công ty TNHH Thương Mại Kỹ Thuật Hưng Gia Phát là Đại lý Eurotherm Vietnam

Đại lý Eurotherm Vietnam

Đại lý Eurotherm Vietnam

Đại lý Eurotherm Vietnam

2100 Controller
The compact, 1/32 panel size, 2132 temperature controller uses advanced PID algorithms to give stable 'straight line' temperature control.  Self-tuning is included to optimize the control performance without the need for specialist knowledge or training.
2200 Controller / Programmer
The 2216e, 2208e and 2204e are versatile, high stability temperature / process controllers, with self-tuning, in 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN sizes.
2400 Controller / Programmer
The 2404/2408 is a versatile, high stability temperature or process controller, with self and adaptive tuning, in 1/4 DIN and 1/8 DIN sizes. It comes with a standard 8 segment setpoint programmer, with options for one, four or twenty programs of 16 segments each. It has a modular hardware construction which accommodates a wide range of plug-in modules.
2400i Indicator and Alarm The 2408i provides you with accurate indication and alarming of temperature and process measurements. Process interlocks, including over temperature furnace limits, are implemented using relay outputs.
2604 Advanced Controller / Programmer
The 2604 is a 1/4 DIN plug-in high stability temperature and process controller designed to be used in demanding applications. It has a dual five digit display and a two line LCD panel for alarm, status and user defined messages
4102C / 4102M Paper Recorder
Entry Level Paper chart recorders
General purpose chart recorders
Pre-configured or user configurable
OEM products
The 4102 are low cost, 100mm strip chart recorders, providing recording for up to 4 (continuous pen) or 6 (multi-point) process variables. Designed to fit a standard DIN panel cut out (138 x 138 mm), these recorders feature an exceptionally small back panel dimension of 236mm with the cover fitted, that makes them ideal for installations where space is at a premium.
Informative display
Electronic data archiving
Digital communications
Derived parameter calculation
Flexibility through configuration
6000XIO Data Recorders
Each 6000XIO instrument has an intuitive, touch screen display to enable operators to clearly view process data in varying formats.  All have onboard Flash data storage capability, Ethernet communications and Compact Flash cards for data archiving.
6100A / 6180A Data Recorder
The 6100A and 6180A offer unrivalled input accuracy with a 125ms total sample rate for up to 48 input channels.
6100A TUS Portable Recorder
15 High accuracy, universal T/C inputs
Sturdy, portable black case
96MB internal memory for local archiving
4GB Compact Flash memory card for additional storage (up to 8GB available)
Remote viewing and configuration
Automatic data transfer to local database
Audit trail
Batch functionality
36 virtual channels (upgradable to 128)
TUS software & license
6100E - 6 Channel, Ethernet Communications Paperless Graphic Recorder
The 6100E brings you Eurotherm excellence in a basic package to ensure you can meet your simple data recording requirements.
6180 AeroDAQ
Colour touchscreen display
USB ‘plug & play’
6 universal Inputs
96MB non-volatile flash memory
125ms parallel sampling
Compact Flash
Modbus RTU
Ethernet TCP/IP
Web server
7100A Single Phase Power Controller
Glass lehrs
Heat treatment - metal furnaces
Ceramic furnaces
Semi-conductor manufacture
Induction heating
Transformer coupled loads
Time/temperature dependant loads
7300A Three Phase Power Controller

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