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Xuất xứ Germany
Nhà cung câp Hưng Gia Phát Engineering Co.,Ltd
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Pressure transmitter


How energy efficiency is improved

Simple conversion of pressure to proportional standard signal

  • For measuring pressure in liquids, gases and vapours

  • Sturdy device with ceramic diaphragm

  • High precision

  • High positive pressure protection

  • High vibration resistance

  • Low hysteresis

  • Standard signal 2...10 V or 4...20 mA

  • Pressure sensor made of stainless steel for aggressive media

  • With standard plug as per DIN EN 175301-803-A


DSU206F002Pressure ­transducer;­ ­24V ­AC/DC;­0-­6.­0b;­ ­0-­10V­
DSU210F002Pressure ­transducer;­ ­24V ­AC/DC;­0-­10b;­ 0-­10V­
DSU216F002Pressure ­transducer;­ ­24V ­AC/DC;­0-­16b;­ 0-­10V­
DSU203F002Pressure ­transducer;­ ­24V ­AC/DC;­0-­2.­5b;­ ­0-­10V­
DSU225F002Pressure ­transducer;­ ­24V ­AC/DC;­0-­25b;­ 0-­10V­
DSI206F002Pressure ­transducer;­ ­24V ­DC;­0-­6.­0b;­ ­4-­20mA­
DSI210F002Pressure ­transducer;­ ­24V ­DC;­0-­10b;­ ­4-­20mA­
DSI216F002Pressure ­transducer;­ ­24V ­DC;­0-­16b;­ ­4-­20mA­
DSI203F002Pressure ­transducer;­ ­24V ­DC;­0-­2.­5b;­ ­4-­20mA­
DSI225F002Pressure ­transducer;­ ­24V ­DC;­0-­25b;­ ­4-­20mA­

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