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Purchase policy

1. Scope of application:

  1.1 / Customers Buy Products sold on the Website. There is a need to deliver the Product to the correct location

  1.2 / Customer is comprised of all individuals from full 15 years of age, having appropriate civil act capacity to conduct transactions and all organizations legally established and operating under Vietnamese law. Male (hereinafter referred to as "Customer").

2. Establishment and cancellation of the contract:

  2.1 / Establishing a contract: Customer confirms the order then sends it to Hung Gia Phat Engineering Co., Ltd. to confirm the Order through one of the following Methods:

      - Via email address

      - Fax

      - By post

  2.2 / Cancel the Order.

- Customer has the right to cancel the Order in the following cases: Cancel Before Confirming the Order when Price, delivery time changes or product code is not appropriate.
3. Price, VAT invoice and payment:

  3.1 / Price of Product may include or exclude value-added tax and is specifically described on the Product introduction page or through direct advice of sales staff with Customers. In any case, the price of the Product does not include shipping fees.

  3.2 / Customer has the right to request VAT invoice and receive valid VAT invoice from Hung Gia Phat Engineering Co., Ltd. Customer is responsible for providing complete and accurate VAT invoice information.

  3.3 / Customer pays the value of the Order as specified in the Order.

4. Product delivery:

  4.1 / Products will be delivered to the Customer address required in the Order.

  4.2 / Regulations on Product Inspection upon delivery are specified in the Shipping Policy posted on the Website

Risks and ownership of Products will be transferred to the Customer from the time the Consignee signs on the Delivery List


5.Customer care and handling complaints:

  5.1 / In case of any questions or complaints, including but not limited to quality of goods / services, Product delivery, attitude of delivery staff, Product exchange / return ... Customers can contact (028) 38958795 for us to resolve satisfactorily.

  5.2 / Product Warranty:

- Products will be warranted (if applicable) in accordance with the policy of the distributor, importer or manufacturer.


6. Information security:

- Customer privacy regulations are implemented in accordance with the Privacy Policy posted on the Website.


7. Limitation of liability:

- In any case, Hung Gia Phat Engineering Co., Ltd is not responsible for any damage / loss / loss / damage that customers must suffer after the risk is transferred from Hung Gia Phat Engineering Co., Ltd. to Customer , unless caused by the error of Hung Gia Phat Engineering Co., Ltd.

8. General terms:

  8.1 / The provisions referenced in these Terms and Conditions are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions. If there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any other provisions regarding the same content, the content of these Terms and Conditions will prevail.

  8.2 / These Terms and Conditions and any problems arising in the contractual relationship between Hung Gia Phat Engineering Co., Ltd and the Customer shall be understood and adjusted in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. Any disputes, differences, complaints arising out of or related to the content of these Terms and Conditions will be resolved through negotiation in good faith within thirty (30) days. If it cannot be resolved within this thirty (30) day period, the above dispute or complaint may be resolved at a competent court.